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In 2000, both my husband and I developed a severe case of dry flaky, itchy scalp. The problem got extreme to where the scabs were in our eye brows. It reached the point where I could not wear black – since it got saturated with flakes of dry scabs.

We were both referred to to a specialist who concluded that it was just a case of severe dry scalp. He prescribed a shampoo which did not help. The problem persisted and a friend referred us to another medical professional who specialized in skin care. She concluded that there were no unusual problems detected. She recommended some special shampoos/conditioners and scalp treatments which again did nothing.

We became extremely frustrated and desperate for a solution. As a hair professional with over 20 years of experience I decided to formulating something myself. After months of my own research and trials, I was able to develop a product which has proven to be extremely effective. It is wonderful for the scalp and great on the hair with a pleasant scent of blended herbs. After using the product for a short period of time I suddenly became aware that I did not have the problem anymore. It was the same result with my husband. We were finally free of this awful scalp condition. I can now go for long periods without washing my hair. I do not have to moisturize my scalp daily and there is no evidence of the dry flakes and open scalp sores and irritations.

It also works very well in foot bath and soaking tub for that soothing, clean, refreshed feel. Since 2002 I have been using the product in my salon and since then my clients have started purchasing the product directly from me. I now want to make this product available to you, to share a solution that finally relieves the irritations that have plagued people with dry itchy scalp for so long. Prescribed by nature for effective relief and trusted results. Experience the ARoots difference and start your healing today.

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Founder, ARoots Natural Therapies