Frequently Asked Questions

Is ARoots Right For Me?

Is this safe for children?

This is not intended for use on children 12 years of age and younger. Do not use this product for children who are under the age of 12. We will be revealing our children-friendly product line soon.

I am on medication for my skin conditions. Is it safe to use ARoots products at the same time?

Please consult your doctor before using ARoot products if you are currently taking medications for a skin condition. Do not use ARoots while on medication for any medical condition without getting approval from your doctor.

My hair is falling out in clumps, will ARoots correct this condition?

We advise you to seek medical guidance where you find that your hair is falling out in clumps. ARoots will help you nourish your scalp and maintain overall scalp health. Healthy scalp, healthy roots.

I have receding hair or bald spots, will ARoots Scalp Relief regrow my hair?

ARoots Scalp Relief is not formulated to treat baldness or receding hair lines. Instead it is formulated to maintain a healthy scalp. ARoots Scalp Relief is formulated to treat scalp conditions and maintain healthy scalp.

I am pregnant. Is it safe to use ARoots products during my pregnancy?

Before engaging on any kind of treatment regime during pregnancy, it is best to seek guidance from your doctor.

Should I do a spot test before applying on my whole scalp?

Yes, we recommend doing a spot test before using ARoots on your whole scalp. If you are in doubt, we advise that you seek medical guidance from your doctor.

Are ARoots products safe to use if I color my hair?

Yes, ARoots products are safe to use after coloring your hair. We advise that you wait for a week after your color treatment before using ARoots. ARoots can help soothe any scalp irritation from the color treatment when it is applied a week after the color job.

Is this product certified?

Yes, ARoots meets Health Canada Safety Standards and it is CERT Clean certified.

How Does It Work?

How soon can I expect relief?

You should feel instant soothing relief from the itchiness upon applying After about 2-3 treatments you should see a visible reduction of flakiness and the healing of sores and scabs on your scalp.

Are people having any reaction to it? Any rashes or other reaction?

We highly recommend conducting a patch test to check for any reactions before applying ARoots to your entire scalp.

Does it really work? Does it get rid of dandruff?

Yes, you should get good results if the product is used as prescribed in most cases.

How often do I use this product?

2-3 times per week to clear up the scalp condition. Then we recommend once every 2 weeks for general preventative maintenance and scalp health.

Does it have other uses. Can I use it on other areas of the body?

Yes, you may use it on other areas of the body. However, you should avoid sensitive areas like the area around your eyes. A drop on a QTip is great for pimples and other skin irritations. It can be used as a sanitizer for your hands. Adding a few drops in your foot bath enhances the soothing effects during and after your pedicure. ARoots is a highly concentrated formula, therefore a few drops of it go a long way.

How do I use the product?

Please see instructions on our website and on the product label for different hair texture.

Do I have to use a specific shampoo when I am using ARoots products?

Generally, a sulphate free shampoo should work well. ARoots will be introducing a shampoo line to support the scalp treatment.

Which formula is right for me?

Light: Specifically formulated for fine, thin hair or less severe cases of dry, itchy scalp. Quickly absorbed into the skin and hair for effective relief.

Intense: Carefully formulated to treat severe case of dandruff/dry/flaky/itchy scalp. Formulated for quick absorption.

Maintenance: Formulated to nourish and maintain scalp health. Help prevent the recurrence of Dry/Itchy scalp. Formulated for quick absorption.

Can I leave it on overnight?

Yes, ARoots works better if you leave it in overnight. This gives the product more time to penetrate and heal the scalp.

Sometimes when my scalp is very itchy, it starts to bleed when I scratch it. Will ARoots corrects this problem?

Yes, in most instances. ARoots will soothe, heal and control the flare up on the scalp, making it less itchy so you are less inclined to scratch it. It also helps heal the scabs and wounds on the scalp.

Should people wash it out right away or leave it in for a while?

It is best to leave it in for a while. Please see instructions on the product label and the website.

How long before people notice results – initial relief then true clearing up of condition?

It is based on the severity of the outbreak.

  • Itching  – you should notice results right away within minutes as the itching dissipates.
  • Flakiness and dandruff, inflammation, redness, bleeding, scalp pimples
    • Generally for dry scalp, you should notice results within 3-4 weeks when used as directed.
    • For more aggressive scalp conditions, you should notice results within 4 – 8 weeks when used as directed.

How many treatments per 2oz bottle?

6-8 treatments – up to 4 weeks supply

Where Can I Buy ARoots?

Is my purchase refundable?

Absolutely. We offer you 100% money back guarantee. Please see our website for details.

Where else can I purchase the product?

ARoots products are available through Amazon and Etsy website. Ask your salon owner to find out if they are a ARoots distributor. Then stay tuned for other distributors coming online soon.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally thorough our online store.

What sort of price are you looking at for a month’s supply?

Our intro pack contains a 2 months supply consisting of 2 treatments and 1 maintenance for $99.99 – $50.00/ month.

What Else Should I Know?

Is this an all-natural product?

All our products are manufactured from premium grade natural oils, sourced from reputable suppliers.

What is the beautiful fragrance?

It is a fusion of all the natural ingredients used in the formulation.

Can I get a fragrance-free version?

No, due to the natural ingredients used in the formulation; however, the scent dissipates quickly.

How can I purchase larger quantities?

Please contact us directly through our contact link on the website

How can I sign up as a Distributor/ Retailer?

Please contact us directly through our contact link on the website.

What is actually in the product?

Please see our ingredients list on the label and website.

Does the scalp condition reoccur if you stop using the product?

We recommend using the ARoots maintenance treatment to help prevent future reocurrence.

Are there different scalp issues and treatment needs for different ethnicities?

No. Scalp is scalp and the issues present are treated the same way regardless of ethnicity. The differentiation is in the hair texture and severity of the condition.

Are there different scalp issues depending on whether the individual has had perms, hair colouring or straightening?

Generally, if these services are done properly, we should not see these conditions. However, if they are present after a chemical service, ARoots Scalp Treatment can be used to sooth and heal the irritation.

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